10 Reasons You Should Read the Bible

David Norczyk
7 min readJan 22, 2021

I grew up in a house that had a few Bibles. We were a church going family but not a Bible reading family. I really wish someone would have told me how important it was for me to read the Bible, but that did not happen until later in my life. My purpose in writing is to be that person for you. You really should read the Bible, and here are a few reasons why you should.

First, the Bible is God’s Word. Yes, there are many religions out there and many who claim to speak for God, but God’s Word claims it is God’s Word. Can you believe that? No, you cannot believe that unless you read it for yourself. I have read most of the great religious books in the world, and there is not even one that comes close to God’s Word in the categories of truth, wisdom, cogency, and even coherence.

The plain fact is that a simple comparison would solve the problem of world religions if religious people would simply read their religious book and then read the Bible at the same time. They would see the difference immediately, but clearly this has not occurred to the great majority of people.

The Bible speaks for itself. Consider this, in the Old Testament, there is a stunning number of direct addresses from God. There are also the prophets speaking for God, “Thus saith the Lord…” The Bible is a collection of smaller books which comprise one story about God. This is remarkable considering it was written by over forty human authors during a span of 1500 years. All that, and yet, there is only one plot line.

The Bible claims it is inspired by God, or using the term the Bible itself uses, “God-breathed.” Like a sailboat moved along by the wind, so were the human writers moved along by the Holy Spirit to write the Scriptures (2 Tim 3:16). Jesus Christ validated the Scriptures, as God’s Word, by quoting them over and over again. These same Scriptures prophetically told of His coming into the world, hundreds of years before His first advent (some 350 prophecies). Why is that important? You would know if you read the Bible…Jesus Messiah is the hero of God’s story (Dan 9:24–26; Mt 1:1, 16–18; 2:4; Jn 1:41; 4:25).

Second, the Bible is the best-selling book of all time. The popularity of something is not usually the best argument for securing something for oneself; however, it must be recognized that if we are looking at a product that has been on the market for 3,500 years, having had no enhancements or changes to it, one must agree to the impressive nature of its marketplace stamina. Clearly, the Bible is not a fad; therefore, you should consider the most tried and true book in the history of the world.

Third, people died to bring you the Bible in the English language. The names John Wycliffe and William Tyndale are not common to most English speakers, but they are revered names for English Bible reading Christians. These two men, and there were many others, risked their lives to have the Bible printed in the English language. Their deaths are cause celebre in church history. It was the desire of the Roman Catholic Church, in the centuries leading up to the Protestant Reformation (circa 16th century A.D.), to keep Christianity in the language of a few highly educated people. The language was Latin.

Controlling a religion helps you control the religious adherents. If they do not know what the book of religion says, then the controllers of the religion can make things up and tell the people, “This is what the book says.” Unfortunately, this was happening in the Middle Ages, even into the Renaissance. The Romish church was taking advantage of people, while depriving them of the Bible, by outlawing it in the macaronic languages of Europe. The Bible says, “the truth shall make you free, and you shall be free, indeed (Jn 8:32).”

There are also people today called, “Bible translators” who are diligently working to bring the Bible into hundreds of other languages in the world, so all people everywhere can have God’s Word in their own language. If you have the Bible in your language, someone worked very hard to make that happen. You honor them by reading it.

Fourth, people died for you to be able to gather together to study the Bible. Unfortunately, freedoms won in this world of oppression can be lost by mere neglect. There are Christians all over the world in prison, today, simply because they held a Bible study in their homes. Many in history have died for simply possessing a Bible. The privilege of possessing God’s Word is a threat to those who are at enmity with God because God’s Word exposes them as evildoers. The freedom of religion, of assembly, and speech are highly prized constitutional rights that can be lost if they are not taught to our children and fought for in public discourse, even in law courts, when these rights are denied by rogue authorities.

Fifth, people who do read the Bible will tell you they wish they read it more. It is one thing to have never read the Bible. Once that hurdle is overcome, the reader should be zealous for the Word of God. Sin keeps the reader from reading God’s Word, and it is wise to pray that God would put a greater desire for His Word in one’s heart. Love for God’s Word is expressed very extensively in the longest chapter of the Bible, which is Psalm 119. Another thing that helps many Christians stay in the Bible is being a member of a small group Bible study or Bible study fellowship. The discipline is a delight because of the joy of being together with other people who love the Bible. They will tell you that when they are together with open Bibles, the Spirit of God shows up to encourage and delight them.

Sixth, the Bible is banned in many countries, today. Do you like living life on the edge? Are you looking for an adventure to spice up your life? Then consider how many laws you are breaking around the world when you simply possess, read, and gather with others to study the Bible. You are not some pawn in some communist dictatorship. You also defy those death loving religious fanatics out there by reading your Bible. You are a rebel and a patriot when you read your Bible.

One does not have to be a landloper to make a public statement of global defiance. Read the Bible publicly, like I do, at a local coffee house. Societies must be taught to be tolerant, and everyone benefits when people are seen peacefully gathered together with the Word of God. Bible readers are typically good citizens of their countries, and the authorities of every country should recognize this with the help of our little displays of love for God’s Word.

Seventh, if you read the Bible, you will discover an amazing array of literature found within it. This argument is for literary lovers. Not everyone is excited about language and most people do not read books anymore; however, there are some literature lovers who have never read the Bible. This is an embarrassment to them because of the revered literary status of the Bible throughout history. The Bible is packed with poetry, law code, history, proverbs, Gospels, prophecy, letters, and apocalyptic genre. The Bible is truly the most amazing book the world has ever possessed. It is a literary crime to not investigate the pages of Scripture if one enjoys reading.

Eighth, if you read the Bible, you would discover the book that actually transforms people. Most people would like to be better citizens, better parents, better spouses, etc. The Bible is not a self-help book; but it does have the power to transform people, when accompanied by the Holy Spirit, who is the divine author of the Bible.

The Spirit of God and Word of God work together to sanctify readers of the Bible. Sanctify means to be cleaned up or to set apart (to make one holy). Lifelong Bible readers become holy, while non-readers do not. This is a simple fact. If you want to be holy, as God is holy (1 Pet 1:16), then you must read the Bible. If you do not wish to be holy, the Bible tells its readers why not. Yes, the Bible tells its readers about you! You should read it.

Ninth, the Bible is a book of God’s promises to bless His people. God intends good things for those who love Him and who are called to come to Him for His purposes (Rom 8:28). If you knew God wished to bless you, and you knew there was a book that told you about His promises to bless you (Eph 1:3), why would you not investigate that book for yourself? Do not just take my word for it, take His Word for it.

The Bible teaches us God is good. It also teaches us that God is true (Rom 3:4; Jn 14:6). He keeps His promises for those who love Him and for those who do not love Him (2 Cor 1:20). The Bible calls one of these, “blessings” and the other, “curses.” How can you love someone you do not even know? How can you know God? Read His love letter to you…the Bible. The fact remains: you are cursed if you do not. Now that is a good reason!

Tenth, Satan does not want you to read God’s Word, today. This should be enough reason to read it. Satan is the reason people deny other people the right and privilege of studying God’s Word for themselves. The devil wants you to go to the mall, instead. Satan loves it when you go to the amusement park. Go ahead, take another vacation. Satan would have you work a couple of extra hours at the office, today. He has given you 666 channels on your television so that you will not read the Bible. Go ahead, watch another game. The news is filled with Satan’s work, and you watch him with amazement. If you do not read your Bible, today, it was a successful day for Satan. The Bible tells us what we know about Satan, and how he wishes to destroy you, but you will not know about that unless you read the Bible.

In conclusion, there are probably infinite reasons for you to read the Bible; but I gave you ten of them, and I probably failed to convince to read it. The fact is that you will never read the Bible, unless God constrains you to read it. You would know that, if you read the Bible (John 15:6–8).

David E. Norczyk

Spokane Valley, Washington

January 22, 2021



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