Are You the Only Bible Some People Will Ever Read?

David Norczyk
3 min readJul 28, 2021

We are alluding to an urban legend, propagated by false teachers. Let’s work to get this false notion sorted:

First, the Bible is God’s written Word. It is God-breathed by the Holy Spirit, through over 40+ authors, spanning 1500 years.

Second, it is sufficient for learning and understanding one’s salvation and the world around us.

Third, it is a clear communication from God, regarding His identity, our identities, and His work to redeem a people for Himself.

Fourth, it is inerrant. This means it was perfect communication from God, as originally written by those prophets and apostles, who received it by God’s grace. It is without error in those original manuscripts.

Fifth, the Bible is infallible. In addition to being without error, the Word of God cannot fail to accomplish its perfect purpose. It will not return void.

Sixth, the Bible is the Word of truth. It never lies, but like God Himself, being true, the truth of the Word is communicated, despite men attempting to corrupt it via faulty translation and misinterpretation.

Seventh, the Bible is the sword of the Spirit, wielded through the preaching and teaching of the called man of God. It is powerful like a double-edged sword, which cuts and divides.

Eighth, the Bible is the wisdom of God, which powerfully sets free the slaves to the lies of the adversary. The darkness of the depraved human mind is replaced by the light of God’s Word. We know because He has revealed understanding.

Ninth, the Bible is to be sought in the manner sinful men seek silver and gold, yet this Word is far more precious, being invaluable.

Tenth, the Bible is to be obeyed because in it, salvation is known, and this is life to the believer. The Bible is good, and for this reason it should be reverenced.

Eleventh, the Bible revives the weary pilgrim. It is water to those who thirst for righteousness.

Twelfth, the Bible holds the promises of God, and it reveals the eternal inheritance of those who love God and His Word.

Thirteenth, those who stray from the Bible, and its precepts, are taught how true the Bible is by the foolishness of those who wander far from the counsel of the Almighty.

Fourteenth, the Bible is a delight. It is a joy to know the God of one’s redemption.

Fifteenth, this Word is settled in the heavens. It is eternal. It does not change, and it is forever one.

Sixteenth, the Bible is hated by the wicked for all the reasons listed above. It is the judgment of God against the unrighteous. It is rejected, despised, denied, suppressed, forgotten, and incessantly broken in disobedience by the ungodly.

In conclusion, the comparison of a sinful man to the Bible is practically blasphemous. One who knows the Bible might quip, “Sir, I know the Bible, and I can assure you…you are no Bible.”

The sentiment in our question demonstrates how irreverent men are toward the Bible. It is like comparing Joe Schmoe to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy One of God. It is deplorable to even set the image of this comparison into the minds of men.

Be assured, today, that you are not the only Bible some will ever read. Simply stated, you are not the Bible, and thank God we know this fact because He has given us…the Bible, the Word of God. There is no comparison.

David Norczyk

Spokane Valley, Washington

July 28, 2021



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