Can a Christian Ever Rightly Say, “I Hate My Job!”?

The first man, Adam, was gainfully employed by his Creator, Almighty God. The Bible reveals why human labors are so burdensome, today. The problem with work is the sin that makes human labors a toil amidst thorns and thistle.

The fall of man, because of his sinful rebellion against God, has poisoned the man and the work of his hands. One may ask why anyone puts forth any effort identified as “a work.” For some, work is a competitive game of acquiring wealth and power over others. It is not in the natural man to acknowledge God in his labors. Thus, man’s work is an anchorage for pride. Pride is the express manifestation of man’s insurrection against the Righteous One.

To enjoy one’s work in this fallen world is attributed to God alone (Eccl 5:18; 9:9). God establishes the days and boundaries for every person. How miserable is the suicidal rock musician or Hollywood starlet! How can one gain the whole world and still lose his or her own soul? This, too, is a work of God for all people to heed the lesson.

Meanwhile, the Christian janitor sings songs of praise during his third shift labors. The night shift gas station attendant delights in a job that grants her hours to meditate on God’s Word. This world is a lie, but the Spirit of truth gives joy as a wage.

It is an oxymoron for a Christian to claim, “I hate my job!” Who are you working for dear brother? Your labors are as unto the Lord — labors of love for the One who employs you. He is the Lord — the King who reigns with sovereign will and power over all things. In His gracious providence God has placed you exactly where He wants you…on this day He has made and one you should rejoice in.

Who are they who grumble and murmur against the Most High? They are those who do not believe in His testimony that He is working all things together for good for His beloved. Was Joseph not imprisoned by divine design? Did God make a mistake when David was a fugitive from Saul for years? Why did Paul and Silas sing in their prison cell? Will not God accompany you in your fiery furnace of service?

God is good. His work is very good. You are clay to be salvaged and reformed by the Potter. He will surely test and prove the glorious work of His infinitely capable hands. Your present suffering in that menial job is not to be compared to His finished work that bears your name for eternity.

I urge you therefore, my dear reader to restrain your grievance against providence that disciplines with a motive of love. You were created in Christ Jesus for explicit purposes known to Him alone. His wisdom in crafting you into conformity to His perfect Son is a sure work. Be anxious for nothing that wreaks of performance — either success or failure. These are not your realm to glory or lament.

“I hate my job” is akin to mutiny against His bounty. Grace abounds to the chief of sinners, and it is right for you to embrace that moniker, as did the Apostle Paul. Have you prayed for a change of heart or just a change of disposition? If He who sits in the heavens and does what He pleases doth raise up kings and tears them down then you should fear Him who casts men into fiery hell. Therefore, rejoice not in the power to cast out demons, but delight in knowing your name was inscribed in the Lamb’s book of life before the foundation of the world.

Some people sing, “He has made me glad!” Why have you not joined this choir? Someone or something has distracted you from the Author and Finisher of your faith. May the words He has afforded me, today, be a help and a spur for you to re-focus. The psychologist has told you to look at yourself. The prophet counsels you to look to Christ Jesus, where salvation is known and remembered. Jesus is who you are looking for and He is the answer for what troubles you in all your labors at home, at work, and at church.

It is simply untenable for a child of light to wallow in such darkness. Your days are known to Him who ordained them. Your steps are directed by Him who guides you. Your hands are blessed, and your work is confirmed by Him who indwells you, Christian. This is the work of God — that you believe in Him whom He sent to accomplish what concerns you. His work is sure from eternity, which means it is sufficient for you, today.

Got work? Do it according to truth. Humility is hard work and only He can take you down to the level required of a vessel of mercy being prepared for glory. You are in a good place, regardless of your low estate, when Christ is in you, and you are the meanest slave in His employ. His promises are to you as they are to the others brought lower and to those who have just begun their descent in the world. You have a job to do and your confidence is Him, alone, who is working His will and good pleasure in you, through you, and for you.

David Norczyk

Spokane Valley, Washington

March 13, 2022


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David Norczyk

Some random theologian out West somewhere, Christian writer, preacher