Celebrating God’s Judgment Against the Pride of Man

David Norczyk
4 min readJun 26, 2021


The Bible, God’s holy Word, is ever at odds with the wisdom of men. The philosophies of humanity are mingled truth and lies. For this reason, philosophy has no power to save the deceived. In fact, all people are born deceived. For one to be set free from bondage to the lies of men and devils, he or she must be taught the truth, as it is in Jesus Christ, who is Himself the truth (Jn 14:6; Eph 4:21).

Jesus came into the world to seek and to save the lost. He came to save His people from their sins. Only when one is converted from the world of lies, to the kingdom of God’s beloved Son, does he or she have the mind of Christ. This is the mind of God which gives spiritual discernment to those who have the Spirit of God teaching them the Word of God, which is the Word of truth (Jn 14:26; 16:13; 1 Cor 2:16).

The Word of God is the standard by which all people will ultimately be judged on the last day of history for this world. God’s Word is the revelation of God, recorded for our understanding and accountability. In it, we learn that God has appointed a man to judge the living and the dead, when He comes again. This is Jesus Christ, the righteous, who is just and the justifier of those who repent of their sin and place their trust in Him, alone, for salvation from the wrath of God (Acts 17:31; Rom 3:26; 1 Thess 1:10; 1 Jn 2:1).

The judgment of God against sinners, who have transgressed the Law of God is performed with perfect justice. The all-knowing, ever-present God has already demonstrated His righteous judgments, in part, throughout history. Noah’s family was delivered. Lot and his children were delivered. The Israelites were delivered. The need of every person is to be delivered from sin, Satan, and the world system under the devil’s control.

The plight of humanity is its collective blindness, brought on by the god of this world, who deceives all people into believing the lies. Worse, wicked sinners love the darkness because their deeds are evil. For this reason, humanity is already condemned and simply waits for the day of sentencing. The sentence, issued by the Judge of the whole earth, is eternal punishment in hell and the lake of fire (Mt 25:41, 46; Jude 7; Rev 20:14–15).

Celebrating God’s judgment against one’s fellow human beings may seem a bit traitorous. The mantra of man is often, “We are all in this together.” Let the reader understand, however, we are not all in this together. False teachers will tell you that there is only one race of people…the human race. The Bible reveals the fact that there are two races of people. There are the righteous and the unrighteous. Jesus referred to them as the wheat and the tares, and His sheep in contrast with the goats.

Evil men, that is, wicked sinners are not righteous before God. They stand already condemned in judgment before the great white throne of God (Rev 20:11). These do not concern themselves with God’s assessment of them, however. They do not believe God’s Word that exposes their evil deeds. They hate those who love the truth. God is truth; therefore, the Bible calls them, “haters of God (Rom 1:30).”

The sin that marks the defiant rebels, at enmity with God, is the sin of pride. Pride is thinking more highly of oneself that he or she ought. It is inspired by Satan himself. Lucifer was the most beautiful, exalted creature in the world of angels. His downfall was pride. As the ruler of this world, Satan remains the inspiration behind every display of human pride.

Pride comes before the fall, and pride goes before destruction (Prv 16:18). Promoters of pride scoff at God and His Word of judgment against the arrogant selfishness of those who imagine their self-sufficiency apart from God. The proud do what is right in their own eyes. Not only do they position themselves in opposition to God, but they boast about themselves in His hearing.

Wretched sinners who celebrate their sin against God are particularly hostile against those who expose their foolish rebellion against Almighty God. They protest against those who tell the truth about their crimes against the Holy God. It is not enough for people to be neutral regarding their sin of pride and consequential sins born of pride. Proud sinners demand that all people affirm their promulgation of evil behavior. In some cases, as with Lot at Sodom, the unrighteous will resort to attempted violence against the righteous.

Each day, each person must choose whom they will serve. As for those who serve God, we will celebrate the just and righteous judgment of God against deviant forms of pride, publicly paraded by individuals and advocated by corporations and civic governments. Man belongs in the dust before God. He should be clothed in sackcloth and ashes before the King of glory.

My dear reader, with whom do you show your allegiance? There are two races of people celebrating, today. One is celebrating their sins against God. The other is celebrating God and His judgment against sin and sinners, with whom He is angry every day (Ps 7:11). By this point you already know whether you should be in repentance, or whether you are rejoicing, for God is holy and His righteousness is forever. Amen.

David Norczyk

Spokane Valley, Washington

June 26, 2021



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