Christmas is Not for Everyone

There is no new thing under the Bethlehem star. By God’s grace, men, near and far, are drawn to Jesus Christ. He is Immanuel. God come to be with us. We are the people of His pasture, who join with the angels in songs of joy.

Now, in those days, there were tyrants in the land. In fact, there are almost always tyrants in the land, who only wish to use those drawn to Christ, for their own ends. Little dictators do not want people to worship Christ. They will do what they can to thwart King Jesus. Unbeknownst to these mini despots, they were made for the dark days of evil (Prv 16:4).

The Spirit of Christ is the Lord, who is the head of the church, God’s called-out assembly of faithful saints. Filled with His Spirit, God’s people are moved by Him, to be witnesses of Christ, who is the Light of the world (Jn 8:12; 9:5). The enemies of Christ have no interest in coming to worship the King of kings, and therefore, like the magi, we must leave them by another way (Mt 2:12).

Christmas is not for everyone. Its true meaning is reserved for those whom God has chosen to reveal it, as He did the shepherds and the magi. For unto to us…not them…a child is born, who is Christ the Lord, the Son of the Most High.

Blessed is the man, who acknowledges the Lord of lords, who sits on the throne of David, as the ruler of Israel, His beloved, the church (Gal 6:16). Meanwhile, the nations rage against the Lord and His anointed (Ps 2). They despise the Mighty One and refuse to fear Him.

As to those who would hinder the people of God, from worshiping God their Savior, He brings them down and sends them away empty. In their hearts, they are convinced there is no God (Ps 14:1; 53:1). It is their job to lead the goats astray. They ensure the place of idols to confuse the world at Christmas.

Christmas is time to praise the Lord God of Israel. He alone accomplished redemption for His people (Lk 1:68). To save them from their sins was His purpose for coming (Mt 1:21). To deliver God’s people from their enemies, from those who hate righteousness, is the reason He is called, “the horn of our salvation (Lk 1:69).”

Who is given the knowledge of salvation? It is the people of God, whose sins have been forgiven. These are the ones who are not ashamed of the Gospel, and for this reason, they call upon the name of the Lord, who is Mighty to save (Joel 2:32; Rom 10:13). Like the rising of the morning star, the sun of righteousness must increase (Mal 4:2).

Jesus Christ was a problem for His enemies at His first advent. He is a problem for the ruling class, today. He will also be a problem for those on the last day. He did not come into the world to judge the world because it was already condemned (Jn 3:18). Rather, His Christmas coming was for those given to Him, as a gift from God His Father. God sent a gift to His chosen people, and that indescribable gift is Jesus Christ, our Lord (2 Cor 9:15).

The testimony of God’s royal priests is what the Lord has made known to us. We preach what we know. Those who hear our report either marvel or they mock us. Our glorifying and praising God, for what He has revealed to us, is our joy at Christmas. Christmas is for us, and we love the gift God has given to us. He is the consolation of Israel. He has made us glad.

The gift of Satan, every year at Christmas, is distraction and perversion. The arch enemy of Jesus Christ throws a birthday party every year. He tells fictional stories to detract from the one story of Christmas. He sends a spirit of division, into the homes of those who revel in Christmas idolatry, and whose eyes have not seen the salvation of the Lord. For this reason, many stumble over Jesus, in the midst of a festival of light.

Most people despise this warning that Christmas is not for everyone. They will consider the exclusivity of Christmas to be a mean-spirited idea. The fact remains that Jesus Christ is God’s gift to Israel, the world of God’s elect from every nation, tribe, and tongue. Not only is Jesus given as a gift of God’s grace, but He is received, exclusively, by those God has appointed to life (Acts 13:48).

We conclude that Christmas is not for everyone, by reminding those who believe in the incarnation of the Son of God that they believe because even faith is a gift of God, too! Christmas day is actually the day Jesus came to you and caused you to be born again of God (Jn 3:1–8; 1 Pet 1:3). That is the day, you joined with the angels, the shepherds, and the magi in coming to behold what God has done, to reconcile His people in the world, to Himself.

God has bestowed His gift from heaven, and those who received Him, are the ones who continually give Him to others, making everyday Christmas day, for those drawn to Him to worship in Spirit and truth…and that is not everyone.

David Norczyk

Spokane Valley, Washington

December 24, 2020