Dear Former Famous Christian

David Norczyk
4 min readAug 27, 2022


Thank you for informing the world that you have genuinely lost your faith in our beautiful Savior, Jesus Christ. We would not have known, had you not tweeted your unbelief. Many others would have not known, if the Christian media had not written about your defection from the only Savior of sinners (Titus 1:4; 2:13; 3:6). Still more would have remained in the dark, without the mainstream media coverage that followed, so that the world might know…of your decision.

This may surprise you, but we knew about you long before we knew your name. You may be surprised that we used to read about you when we opened our Bibles as children. Your story was recorded centuries, even millennia, before you were born. You thought your name, now being written about in the media would advance your career as an artist. We agree, it was a shrewd marketing move. In fact, by denying Jesus Christ, the world has loved your story all the more.

Adoring fans have responded to your going public with this important news. In reality, they have been an integral part of your receiving more attention from the media. They have served you well, in getting the word out about you.

Here is some more news. It’s not about you. It never was about you. The fact that it has become about you, is most telling. You see, our news source tells us that when (not if) you leave Christianity, it will be because you always wanted it to be about you (Gen 3:5). This makes your story really old news. In fact, yours is the second oldest story in our historical news feed. Is it not written? Have you not heard? God created. You fell.

Friend, you probably missed this correlation, during your years as a famous Christian. Just like Adam, the first man, you tasted the good things of God (Heb 6:4–6). You were exposed to the foretaste of heaven. You were welcome in the communion of saints. As your star was rising, you may have received the sacraments. Our guess is that there was one grave deficiency in your experience; otherwise, you would have gone out from among us far sooner than you did (1 Jn 2:19). Our guess is that you were in an assembly, where the Word of God was not preached as it should be. This prolonged your departure.

On behalf of the church, please accept our apology. We, with your help, let the music and entertainment take over our worship of the one true God. With your help, our songs became mindless refrains. The Jesus that made you famous was not the real Jesus. Otherwise, He would have saved you, and of course, He would have kept you (Rom 8:30; Phil 1:6). We had our suspicions, about the seventh repetition of that one line, in every one of your songs.

There are many in the church, saddened by your public announcement. Others will no doubt be confused. Surely, more famous Christians will follow your “courageous” lead, to deny the Christ who bought them, or so you previously believed (2 Pet 2:1). In that, we owe you another apology.

Remember when we told you that all you have to do is choose to let Jesus save you? You decided; and for that reason, you are now imagining that you can just decide to not let Him save you. We know you are “ok” with your decision. Here is more news. The false gospel preached to you that led to your false faith, which led to your false profession, which led to your false service to a false Christ, who you are now walking away from…well, that’s good news!

The bad news is that your walking was from a false Jesus cannot save you, any more than your embracing a false Jesus, as you did. God knows your story is not over, but the important thing is that God knows your entire story (Rom 9:22–23). You may not have heard that the true Jesus is the author and perfecter of each true believer’s faith (Heb 12:2). Translated for you: God does not fail to save His people from their sins and deliver them from unbelief (Mt 1:21). God gives faith to His chosen ones (Yes, He makes decisions, too!), and their faith is a gift to them (Eph 2:8–9; Phil 1:29). You did not receive that gift (Rom 5:5), which is why you have, today, and had, yesterday, no genuine faith. You have been deceived by the adversary of your soul (2 Cor 4:4).

As you continue on the wide, worldly way you have always been on, having brought much of your worldliness into Christ’s church, we are expecting no apology from you because that is not what your father taught you (Jn 8:44; 1 Jn 3:10). We warn you that all the while you were attempting to deceive us, you were deceived yourself (Mt 15:14). You have been exposed for who you really are, and we thank God that you are no longer a hypocrite in our midst.

Despite our going our separate ways (Yes, we are not following you), we wish you well, but that “well” will only happen if you become a Christian. Unbeknownst to most, including you, becoming a Christian only happens if God decides to make you a Christian. That’s what made Him famous.

David Norczyk

Spokane Valley, Washington

August 27, 2022



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