Fake News Network: The Communications Division in the Fake Church

David Norczyk
3 min readAug 13, 2021


There is much talk, today, of fake news from media outlets. Ironically, fake news is as old as the infamous visit from the prince of the power of the air to Adam and Eve, in the Garden of Eden. The father of lies has been propagating prevarications all across history. In fact, we may be wise to assess our current situation in this world of lies, as all pervasive. Truth must be seen as the anomaly.

The church is not impervious to falsehood. In fact, there has never been a point in history when God’s people were not perpetrated with heretical teachings. Heresy, both doctrinal and practical, is so dominant in the church, at present, that we simply have to acknowledge the existence of the fake church.

The fake church is one universal, invisible whole. Its myriad of fake divisions do not love one another at all. This is not a problem, nor is disunity. Chaos and confusion are the delight of the spirit of anti-Christ, who is the inspiration behind the fake church growth movement.

The fake church has one objective: to form a fake news network, in order to keep people blinded from the Gospel of Jesus Christ (2 Cor 4:4). Led by an army of fake pastors, fake preachers, fake theologians, and fake teachers — these make up the fake news network.

What distinguishes the true church is the unity and simplicity of God and His truth. God is one. The diversity of His attributes does not distort His unity. There is a perfect harmony in the workings of God to accomplish His one and only will. The Gospel of Jesus is His one message, promoted by one means, which is Spirit-filled preaching. The Spirit of truth proclaims one Savior, Jesus Christ, who claimed, “I am…the truth…(Jn 14:6).”

The fake church, comprised of endless variations to the person and work of Christ, poses as an angel (messenger) of light. This vanity fair pontificates endless views, leading the deceived to any number of denominations and cult variations.

What is agreed upon in the fake church is that every entity has the right to claim to be the true church. In this way, the locals are kept content in their delusional status, and all the other heads of the beast can believe they have cornered the market on truth. They are the legion of the blind leading the blind into the pit. The fake church is like the multi-headed monster in Revelation. The diversity actually has its unity. There is one beast with many heads.

As long as the beast preaches lies, there is unity in the diverse entities and activities. The fake news network appears almost random, every message works to suppress the truth in a sea of confusion. The fake church thrives on a unity in diversity platform, which is a dark shadow of the diversity and unity of God in truth.

The coming anti-Christ, the man of lawlessness (2 Thess 2), will powerfully unite this diversity into a visible unity. The delusion will mesmerize the world, even the elect of God, if that were possible.

The fake church has been forming and growing since Cain and Abel were separated. It continued when Ishmael and Isaac were separated, along with Jacob and Esau, and so on.

Using its ever-more sophisticated fake news network, the fake church is healthy and growing stronger in every generation. Today’s fake church is meeting all around us. Reaching the world, by becoming like the world, because it the world, is evidenced by its message and methods. The Eden-tested message of man-centered theology, complete with carnival lights and sounds, is, “You, too, shall be as gods!”

In conclusion, what can be said, but, “Come out of her My people.” She is the whore of Babylon, the fake church. She has many lovers, who all serve her in unity. Her lips only speak seduction, a promise to give you more of the sensual world. She is a trap, a snare, leading to destruction. The news of her health and prosperity have grown to mega-story status, but these are the lies of the fake news network.

David Norczyk

Spokane Valley, Washington

August 13, 2021



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