God is God…Thank God!

David Norczyk
5 min readJun 25, 2021


God sits in the heavens, and He does as He pleases (Ps 115:3; 135:6). It is His good pleasure that He is working, in His providential care of all things, according to His will (Eph 1:11; Phil 2:13). A simple survey of the attributes of God, and one learns that no one can resist His will. Even a simple survey of God’s titles, revealed on the pages of the Bible, will decrease man’s view of himself and all of humanity. We have nothing of ourselves.

Here is the real problem for man. He thinks more highly of himself than he ought. In his foolish pride, man imagines that he is a little god. He learned this bad idea from Satan (Gen 3:5). Thus, man is deceived into thinking he has autonomous free will and that his good works count for anything. In the darkness of his heart, man aspires to steal glory from God. Because he is a child of the devil, he never confesses this to anyone. He even lies to himself about his ambitions to be God (Gen 6:5; Jer 17:9; Jn 8:44; 1 Jn 3:10).

Man is blinded by his father, the devil, from seeing the gross idolatry of his lusts for recognition and success. Every intention of man’s heart is perverse. His inclination is to do evil because he loves the darkness, in his blind saunter toward judgment and eternal punishment. Sinful man has broken God’s holy Law. People underestimate their enemy…Almighty God, who was, and is, and is to come. Death is looming and man is oblivious.

For man to deny, ignore, or distort the truth of God — revealed in creation and in the Scriptures — is to his own hurt. God is the Potter who fashions everything He makes by His own design. There is nothing God has designed that is not speaking to us about its Maker (Ps 19; Jer 18; Rom 9).

God is above all of His creation, and His ways are beyond finding out, although He has chosen to make certain things known to those He created in His image at the start. With his loss of the knowledge of God in the fall, it is God’s irresistible grace that is restoring that knowledge by showing us Christ Jesus, who shows us God the Father (Jn 14:8–10; 2 Pet 3:18).

Even in the terms employed in the Bible we glean truth such as: the Trinity and the family of God. We learn that if there are kings and lords, then God is King of kings and Lord of lords (1 Tim 6:15; Rev 17:14; 19:16). His rule and reign over all things is absolutely sovereign. God cannot be resisted.

How surprising this revelation is to the homosexual, who raises his flag in rebellious defiance to his Creator — and for cities and states and nations to join all matter of sexual deviants in their collective hatred of God, who flooded the earth and poured out fire from heaven on their ancestors, as a warning to every generation that God judges the wicked in perfect righteousness (Gen 6–9; 19; Jn 7:7; 15:18–19, 24–25; Rom 1:30; 2 Tim 4:1; 1 Pet 4:5).

Who will believe the preacher’s report? Ancient generations did not believe the prophets sent by the Most High God, nor did they believe the Son of God sent from the Lord of Hosts. Today, the Spirit of God is among us and in some of us. He is the Holy God, imminent and intimate, who convicts the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment (Jn 16:8).

God is faithful and true, and every man is a liar. Righteous is Jesus Christ, alone. There is no other way to God the Father than through Him, who has ascended to heaven for enthronement (Ps 110:1; Jn 14:6; Rom 3:4; 1 Jn 2:1).

With all wisdom and power, the sovereign Christ, fully God and fully man, has all authority in heaven and on earth. He is soon coming to judge the living and dead. Who will deliver you from His wrath to come? What was impossible for sinners to reconcile, Jesus Christ, the sinless Lamb of God has done at the cross, by shedding His blood for the remission of sins. In His substitutionary death, He has paid the penalty and cancelled the debt of sin, for those whose trust is in Him, alone (Mt 26:28; Jn 1:29; 1:7; Col 2:14; 1 Pet 2:24; Rev 1:5).

God has appointed Jesus to be your Judge on the last day. While it is, “today,” it behooves you to be reconciled to God’s only begotten Son. He is the Prince of peace for those who confess with their mouths what they believe in their hearts…”Jesus Christ is Lord (Phil 2:11).”

Faith in Christ must be your heart attitude. It is a child-like trust, in utter dependence upon someone else for peace and right standing with God. There is only One “someone else”…Jesus Christ. He alone is exalted when the sinner says, “Not my will but Your will, O God, be done.” Jesus Christ must increase, while we rightly decrease (Jn 3:30).

To deny oneself is to say “no” to one’s own will. It is to forsake one’s own choice, which invariably becomes a point of pride. The true Christian revels in God’s sovereign decision to send His Holy Spirit to live and permanently dwell in the hearts of those He has caused to be born again and to whom He has granted repentance and faith (Jn 3:1–8; 14:17, 26; 15:26; Acts 5:31; 10:18; Rom 8:9, 11; Eph 2:8–9; Phil 1:29; 1 Pet 1:3).

No one comes to Jesus Christ in humble recognition of utter need for a Savior, unless God the Father draws him. A true believer gladly testifies, “I would have never decided for Jesus, to be my one and only Savior, but God has done it all for me, by His gracious choice and powerful working (Ezek 36:26: Rom 11:5). All glory to Him and none to me.”

In conclusion, we thank God for being God. There is no one beside Him, and one can stay His hand. His will must be done, and He alone gets it done. Thank you, Father. Thank you, Jesus, and thank you Holy Spirit. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

David Norczyk

Spokane Valley, Washington

June 25, 2021



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