God’s Displeasure with America

The Democratic Party’s recent regressions into the acceptability of infanticide should come as no surprise to us; especially considering this is the political party that only a decade ago removed God from their party platform (A.D. 2012). The acceptability of evil is an indication of God’s judgment. There are a number of other indicators that God’s judgment is currently operational against the United States of America. Let us consider a few…

First, when a nation kills its own children, at their most vulnerable time, that nation is at war with Yahweh, who forms each human vessel, while he or she is in her mother’s womb. Children are a gift of God (Ps 127:3). If a nation forsakes the gift of God by the tens of millions, surely it will be God-forsaken. America claims to be one nation under God, but which god is not clearly stated. Molech is the god of infanticide, so I suppose we have our answer.

Second, abortion and infanticide is one cause of the rampant mental illness surge in America. One of the main battlefields, for Satan to gain victory, is the mind (1 Cor 2:14). He is the deceiver (Jn 8:44); and the futility of the human mind, without truth, is well-noted in the Scriptures (Eph 4:17).

Third, mental illness is often accompanied by drugs. Over 100,000 Americans die from drug overdoses each year (compare: death counts from school shootings). Mind-altering drugs are often addictive, and the destruction of lives is devastating. The distorted, reprobate mind is not just a sign of God’s judgment, but it is God’s judgment itself (Rom 1:18–32).

Fourth, drug enhanced mental illness also comes with a steady diet of media deception (think: anti-depressants). In recent years, the once-trusted army of journalists has been exposed as a sham. The news media is the propaganda arm for political party platforms. Thus, fake news is being streamed to the American public twenty-four-hours per day. The prince of the power of the air waves ensures his network of networks is grooming the next generation, on the ways of sin (Eph 2:2). The one unacceptable media content is truth.

Fifth, when delusional people suffer the consequences from decisions made from unclear thinking, their hearts tell them to cope. Kill your baby for the sake of convenience. Alter your minds with addictive drugs. Support the political party that the media loves. It is also the judgment of God when human government usurps the power and authority of God, in saving and controlling people’s lives (Ex 20:3).

Socialism loves big government, and socialist history is filled with the carnage of decimated human life (see Socialist-Nazi Germany [Hitler]; Communist Russia [Stalin]; Communist China [Mao]; and modern-day Venezuela [Maduro]). The deceived never do know what happened to them because they are dead.

Sixth, when people turn to government to be their god, this is idolatry (Lev 19; 1 Cor 10:14; Gal 5:20). Idolatry is a sure sign of God’s displeasure with nations. Washington D.C. is a bastion of monuments, museums, and statues ordered to glorify man. Human self-help and exaltation was Satan’s fodder in the Garden of Eden…and Egypt and Greece and Rome, etc.

Seventh, when one thinks of the federal government, one can only imagine the albatross of $30.4 trillion in debt (April 24, 2022). When God forsakes a nation, it is as good as bankrupt. It begins with spiritual bankruptcy (idolatry) and ends with fiscal ruin. This demands a stimulus, and there is nothing like war to accomplish that economic reality. The wealth and wisdom of Solomon led to peace with the surrounding nations for Israel. His later debauchery was the ground of looming civil war. Nations, run by fools, make the people groan (tax and spend).

Eighth, to escape the tomfoolery of bankrupt government, people bankrupt themselves with materialism. Covetousness and greed are desperate measures to try to satisfy the spiritual void. Some 14 million hoarders abound in America, and the psychologists are on the scene to make sure no one talks about the judgment of God.

Ninth, when material goods are accumulated internally, it is called gluttony. Obesity is at 40% of the U.S. population and growing each year. With 200 million overweight Americans, the psychologists again tell us of the mental illness problem and the ways of coping.

Instead of eating the Word of God, in order to taste and see that God is good, the hoarder of food finds satisfaction in the experience of fleshly fullness. The leech and the glutton share one mantra, “Give, give (Prv 30:15–16)!” Simply put, Americans are losing their minds (Read Romans 1:18–32), and the suicide rate has never been so robust (45,799 in A.D. 2020).

Tenth, others have turned to sexual immorality to satisfy themselves (Read Romans 1:18–32, again). Like all godless alternatives, sexual deviance (ie. pornography, homosexuality, paedophilia, rape, incest, bestiality, prostitution, sex slavery, divorce and remarriage, adultery, fornication, etc.) begins in the mind and spreads to the heart to be acted on in the flesh.

Sex is like a drug for the mind. When it is prescribed and taken with the wisdom of the Creator, it has a wonderful effect (covenantal, heterosexual marriage producing children). When it is an abused drug, sexual deviance is entertained, then prevails with enslavement. Ironically, sexual deviance is either promoted by religion (Hinduism), or excoriated by religion (Islam).

Eleventh, the introduction of foreign religions, with foreign gods, will result in political and values shifts away from Jesus Christ and the Bible. The gods of the nations have come to the United States, and they are legion in their quest to overthrow. It is practically a hate crime to say such a thing, but the ignorant only remain blind to the truth. In all actuality, true hatred is to lie about these matters; and so I hope my article is understood to come from a heart and motive of love.

Finally, with the recent Covid-19 pandemic, ensuing government mis-management, and resulting exacerbation of the above-noted categories, there is only one conclusion drawn from Holy Scripture…righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to a people (Prv 14:34).

All of this is from God. His judgments are just (Gen 18:25; Jn 5:20). In God’s eternal decree, He has ordered the fall of empires and nations. Never has a nation enjoyed so much light from God, and yet, the United States of America has put the King of kings to the test (Dt 6:16; Ps 78:18; Mt 4:7; 1 Tim 6:15). He has answered our nation’s challenge to His sovereignty, with the aforementioned judgments. We are reaping what we have sowed (Gal 6:7), and no doubt, the harvest of unrighteousness will continue to our collective dismay. In this, God is glorified in His just judgments.

My friend, feel free to pray for our collective repentance, and may God be glorified, if He chooses to grant that grace. Jesus Christ is our only hope to avoid national self-destruction…and to appease God’s displeasure with America.

David Norczyk

Spokane Valley, Washington

April 25, 2022


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David Norczyk

Some random theologian out West somewhere, Christian writer, preacher