Israel…the Imposter

David Norczyk
3 min readJul 30, 2021

There is a nation in the world, today, which pretends to be the people of God. That nation was formed just seventy plus years ago, and opted to call itself, “Israel.”

This Israel was the offspring of guilty nations, who were looking to ease their conscience following the Jewish Holocaust in Nazi Germany. The people who took up residence in the disputed territory, in the Middle East, came from diverse nations (Russia, Ethiopia, Germany, USA, etc.).

With the help of Evangelical and Pentecostal Christians in the United States, this love child of the guilty states has been positioned as the Israel of the Bible. It has served the purpose of filling content for endless books and conferences on biblical prophecy. Recklessly speculative Bible teachers have made entire careers with titillating end times predictions that never come to fruition. Specious idolatry holds no edification for the saints of God.

This nation, save for a remnant of people, scoffs at and despises the Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah of His people, Israel. Following those ancient haters of the Christ, today’s modern version of Jesus-scoffers, begs the question why there is such robust Evangelical and Pentecostal affection for this political anti-Christ?

The nation state of modern Israel, for all of its favorable attributes: democracy; free market economy; medical research; etc., remains identical to all other nations who reject King Jesus. To the secular observer, this rejection of Christ the King is a non-issue; but our issue is the role of this nation in deceiving Christians.

According to Isaiah, the Messiah is the Israel of God, and the people who submit to Messiah are also identified, by the prophet, as the Israel of God (Is 49). This, of course, is the beautiful depiction of Christ, as the Head of His body of people, and His people being the body of Christ. The Bible identifies the body of Christ, as the church of Jesus Christ, His called out ones from every nation.

It is the apostle Paul who makes it clear to the church at Galatia, that the church is the Israel of God (Gal 6:16), and the apostle Peter concurs: a people of God’s own possession, a holy nation, a royal priesthood (1 Pet 2:9).

So we must ask who is the real Israel? Is it the people from every nation, tribe, and tongue identified in the Bible? Or is it a mixed Jewish, ethnic, nation-state recently configured by the United Nations?

The error of most Evangelical and Pentecostals is the misunderstanding that Old Testament Israel, that ancient tribal people, served typically, as the chosen people of God from all nations. This is why the remnant of that tribe is clearly separated from those who disobeyed Yahweh, their God. It is the Bible itself that makes this distinction among the Jews. God is not just the God of the Jews is He? No, He is the God of the Gentiles, too. More specifically, He is the Father of His elect children from every nation, who were His chosen people before Creation (Eph 1:3–4).

This leaves us with one conclusion: the ethnic nation-state, currently occupying land on the eastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea, who call themselves, “Israel,” are imposters. Therefore, it is essential for Evangelicals and Pentecostals in the USA to repent of ascribing honor and glory to an atheistic/idolatrous political entity and population, who deny Jesus Christ.

This misapplication of a name, a title, and a privilege is the basis for much false teaching, and even more false prophecy, in the church. Therefore, I pray that all who read this article, and who have wrongly held to a faulty Zionist theology and eschatology, would seriously reconsider their erroneous and dangerous position.

David Norczyk

Wenatchee, Washington

July 30, 2021



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