Meditations on the Death of Christ (2)

The redemptive death of Christ accomplishes its intended purpose. Christ Jesus bought back a people for His own possession, from the slave market of sin and Satan.

The scope of Christ’s redemption is determined by God’s sovereign will, in His eternal election, to save a specific number, the remnant, from the masses of humanity. The payment to satisfy the justice of God was infinite, made with the precious blood of the Lamb of God, who gave Himself for them.

As the substitute sacrifice for their sins, Jesus Christ is the surety of their salvation. God has delivered ungodly sinners from being objects of His wrath. God has had mercy on those He willed to have mercy. Christ, who was made to be sin, bore our sins in His body on the Cross. There is only One Savior of sinners, and only one perfect sacrifice made to atone for its intended beneficiaries.

The only begotten Son of God laid down His life for His sheep, the just for the unjust, the divine for the merely human. The One of infinite value has paid the infinite cost of the infinite debt of sin.

God sent His Holy Spirit to fill redeemed men of God, to go to the places chosen by God to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Men hear the Word of what God has done for them. God grants them the gift of His Holy Spirit, who grants grace for them, to believe the truth, revealed to them, so to be saved.

Others do not receive faith to believe and be saved. All whom God chose, and for whom Christ died, will hear the voice of Christ calling them to Himself. They follow their Good Shepherd, by faith, and obedience to His commands — thus, proving they belong to Him, as members of His body, the church.

Sinful men hear the preacher, but they do not follow the command of Christ. They prove they do not belong to the Son of God. They refuse to believe, as a sinful addition to the infinite volume of sins they have committed against God. When judgment day arrives for unrepentant unbelievers, they will be judged by the just Judge, Jesus Christ, whose command for their repentance, they disobeyed.

God’s glory is made known to all people by the revelation of His mercy and grace toward elect sinners. The Lord knows those who are His, having predestined them, for salvation before creation. He has revealed His unconditional covenant of grace, which declares the promise He has made to do everything to save His people from their sins. He has effectually redeemed His beloved Israel.

The Israel of God, the church of Jesus Christ, is comprised of saints from every nation, tribe and tongue (Rev 5:9). These are justified by grace, as a gift, being declared, “not guilty,” because of their faith in the blood of the covenant, shed for the forgiveness of their sins. God’s motive is His eternal love for His elect, whom He chose from eternity and for eternity. This is the blessed assurance of salvation for the children of God, who were adopted as ransomed sons, being prepared to be brought to glory.

Those God gave the right to be called sons of God, are those who serve Him night and day, with labors of love done as unto the Lord. Their labors are not in vain, for these good works were prepared for them from beforehand.

Christ has set His captive people free, prospering them with the riches of His grace, poured out on their behalf at Calvary, and sprinkled upon them by the pledge, the Holy Spirit, He has given them, and who abides with them…forever.

David Norczyk

Spokane Valley, Washington

August 28, 2021


Some random theologian out West somewhere, Christian writer, preacher

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David Norczyk

Some random theologian out West somewhere, Christian writer, preacher