Obituary for Ben D. DeCeased

Ben Dunn DeCeased went straight to hell Sunday night after a short convulsion-laden bout with a heart attack. Ben was an ordinary guy living an ordinary life. Oblivious to the eternal consequences to his daily sin problem, the graduate of Plainsville High School enjoyed his best life for five decades before entering outer darkness.

Ben was an avid sports fan, never missing a game on television. Despite his remarkable idolatry and worship of his state’s major sports teams, they did nothing for his eternal salvation. Sitting in his easy chair in the garage, Ben’s sin of gluttony, perpetuated by endless food deliveries, ultimately led to his bodily demise.

Ben had a love/hate relationship with America. He enjoyed his government checks each month, but he often railed against conservatives, especially Christians. This was the cause for his estrangement from his own family. His incessant taking of the Lord’s name in vain ended his attendance at family gatherings on Sundays after church and most holidays.

Leaving behind his parents and siblings and countless nieces and nephews (all of them wish to remain unnamed), Ben’s life will always be remembered as a life lived in vanity. Some of his favorite mottos were, “Extra cheese on my pizza makes me the big cheese,” and “Well, there is always next year (referring to his favorite sports teams).”

A memorial service will not be held; and in lieu of flowers, memorial gift cheques can be made out directly to 1–800-BYE-JUNK for the removal of all of Ben’s hoarded possessions.

Obituary Author’s Note: the character and scenario are fictious. Any resemblance to anyone is mere coincidence and a tragedy, as this obituary is intended to portray.

Author’s Comment: One of life’s more baffling features is the blatant lies people tell in a world of lies. Obituaries are watered down and often do not resemble the truth. The Bible is clear that the majority of humanity does indeed go to hell. This is never reflected in obituaries. Thus, I have endeavored to write one that might resemble an honest one.

The accolades of the deceased fly in the face of the Bible’s instruction for people to boast in the Lord Jesus Christ, “Bob went home to be with the Lord,” is a quaint and common expression among Christians. It is followed by one’s reference to membership in a named local church and a slew of achievements meant to make Bob appear to be a decent guy and to protect the family name.

Friends and brethren, my dear readers, be not deceived by obituaries of lies. Here is but another sad feature of our fallen world and the pride of man. The truth about all of us is very sad.

The Bible informs us that we are but dust, even a vapor to disappear as quickly as it formed. Yet, all our days are known to our Maker before there is even one of them. God made us, and He sustains each one of us for our part in history.

In the midst of so many people living in so much pride and vanity and before their descent into fiery hell as eternal punishment, there is God who has mercy on a remnant people of His own choosing. People like Ben D. Deceased hate sentences like the previous one. Still, the Bible tells us the truth about the majority and the remnant.

The remnant are also called, “believers,” and “children of God.” The remnant believes that fallen humanity is totally depraved in sin, with zero ability to save themselves from eternal punishment in the lake of fire. Believers, having been transferred from the domain of darkness and baptized by the Spirit into Christ’s church, trust in the Word of God and its revelation of Jesus Christ our Savior.

With His substitutionary death on the cross, Jesus Christ redeemed God’s chosen people by shedding His precious blood for the forgiveness of their sins. The payment of the penalty for sin has cancelled the believer’s debt of sin and brought justification before the judgment of God.

Believers in Jesus enjoy Christ’s imputed righteousness that permits permanent access before God’s throne of grace. Calling upon the name of the Lord God gives them the right to be called, “children of God.” He adopted each of His own, having predestined them to adoption as sons and giving them the Spirit of Christ, who now indwells them.

The hope and future for the Christian is eternal life with Christ, in glorified bodies in the new heavens and new earth. Death is a mere passageway into the presence of Christ, in wait for the consummation of all things purposed by Him in eternity.

Ben D. DeCeased and people like him do not believe these things because they do not belong to Christ. The Spirit is not sent to them and the Word of God has no place in them. The Word of God, the Bible, is true. It reveals the obituary of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who died and rose from the dead…victorious. His obituary is true.

David Norczyk

Spokane Valley, Washington

July 29, 2021


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David Norczyk

Some random theologian out West somewhere, Christian writer, preacher