On Christ

No volume of pages could contain all that He is and all that He has done. The entire Bible is about Him. We are characters in His story. He is the author. From glory to glory He is all in all. To write even a few paragraphs about Him ushers the writer into ecstatic worship of Him. He is worthy. No subject is so exalted. All subjects speak of Him and His works — even when this is hidden from those who have no interest in Him. There is no beginning and no end to what can be said of Him who bears the title, “Alpha and Omega.”

The angel revealed His name, “Jesus.” In the Hebrew it means, “YHWH, the God of Israel, saves.” His most esteemed work is revealed in this designation. Yet, Savior is only one work that could be attributed to Him. Everything in creation must be defined in relationship to Him because He created everything with the design to bring glory to Him.

Because much has failed to fulfill its original design, we are introduced to a dramatic tension in creation. Rebellion against Him is stunning betrayal and foolish denial. To withhold glory from Him is to die a slow death of vanity leading to void. Still, the muffled sounds of exuberance are deadened by the groaning of all creation. Cry out to Him! O, the agony of separation!

He comes. Position relinquished; power restrained; flesh embraced; sin repelled; wisdom cloaked in mystery; and alluring love displayed. Streams of blood trickle across the tapestry of His body, tumbling into waterfalls of mercy upon the ground from which He made us. Dust redeemed and death defeated.

Insurmountable penalties paid to divert the incomprehensible wrath of justice against lawlessness. He came to save sinners with His life, an offering of sacrifice. The pinnacle of His handiwork succoured from the miry clay, positioned on quicksand…and then…salvation. His help in the day of trouble is our hope, forever.

Love constrains us to proclaim Him. Satisfaction in any other is fleeting. Like Moses, the glory of man is fading until the Man of glory is formed in the brethren. Who can veil the light of the world? From the throne of God His majesty illumines the soul through the heart of those whose eyes reveal His permanent presence. He lives in me as breath fills my lungs. At first, His aboding was an awkward occupation. Hosting the King of the Universe in the heart is all consuming. His demands for total obedience affront my flesh. Who is this Intruder demanding all honor and glory?

Slowly, transformed affections burn in me to praise Him and promote His kingdom. He is King of Glory and of every king upon the earth. Trembling knees must bow to Him without exception. Kingdoms must succumb to His Lordship. All life is judged by the feast or famine of Him. Christ is true north in the journey of our lives. His magnetism makes Him the Captain of my soul. He is the bright and morning star rising in our hearts without declension. Every thought dances in captive worship, with hands lifted high.

Christ forever all in all is our conclusion. Joy and gladness shall be the shalom of those who beckon you to “come and see” His glory. Only One sits at the center of the throne at the right hand of the Father. Given to tell of His splendor becomes grace and peace to you. Consider He is coming as the Lion of Judah, to purify the earth with eyes of fire and a sword in His mouth, to establish His kingdom with all things made new. Allegiance is required. He rules. He reigns. He comes. He defeats. He saves. He wipes away every tear. He is Jesus Christ, the Lord.

David Norczyk

Lakewood, California

July 13, 2021

Some random theologian out West somewhere, Christian writer, preacher

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David Norczyk

Some random theologian out West somewhere, Christian writer, preacher