Progressive Christianity…Please Just Deny Jesus Christ, Openly…or Repent

Political Liberalism has a formidable history of infiltrating the church. It has long been an enemy of biblical Christianity in the United States and other countries of the West. Germany has been a primary propagator of theological liberalism for two centuries. While the French did their enlightenment exercises without God, other countries tried not to sell out completely to Humanism.

The mark of progressive Christianity is to push the philosophical inventions of men onto the Bible, so that just about anything goes. Progressives recreate the God of the Bible into their own image. They do the same with Jesus. This is the intersection where political Liberalism influences theological Liberalism.

Having infiltrated the churches, by way of the seminaries, progressive church leaders guide their followers into a powerless brand of Christianity. The result is a social gospel that produces social justice warriors. The objective is to change your city or the world, by championing self-designed solutions to social problems. In the process, invariably, the evangel is lost.

The Jesus of the social gospel is a hippie character, who loves everyone and will help everyone, if they will allow Him to do so. Because this is not the Jesus of the Bible, progressives are prone to lose faith in the Jesus that Liberalism has created.

Progressive Christianity has given us women preachers, who disobey God’s Word, openly (1 Tim 2:9–15). It has allowed for the promotion of the health and wealth prosperity gospel. It has even gone so far as to advocate the sins of homosexuality and abortion, with its “welcoming and affirming” member churches.

As advocates of sin, so called progressive Christians, have denied the historic Christian faith. They have shipwrecked the faith of many with false doctrine, conjured from their mingled humanistic theology.

As advocates of Universalism, openly embraced or subtly disguised, progressive Christians have changed the name of sin, while misrepresenting the Jesus of the Bible. They have diluted exclusive Christianity into a non-essential (think about Oprah claiming to be a Christian and in the same breath telling her audience that their religion is as good as hers). Pretty much all ways lead to heaven, and pretty much everyone gets there.

Sin means nothing to progressive Christians because they have abrogated the Law of God. Without the Law they have removed the sting of death, by shrouding the judgment and wrath of Almighty God. There is no mention of eternal punishment in the lake of fire for progressive Christians, thus, removing the need for a Savior, who actually saves.

This denial of the identity and function of the God-man, Jesus Christ, earns our sharpest rebuke. Theological Liberalism has ruined bastions of orthodoxy such as: Harvard in the 17th century (it went off the tracks 20 years after it was founded!); Yale in the 18th century; and Princeton in the 20th century.

The demise of these schools, despite their continued existence, has now thoroughly polluted the churches of the Unitarian-Universalists (name doesn’t even hide the double perversion), Anglican and Presbyterian denominations. Following suit, mainline denominations of every tradition (ie. Methodist; Baptist; etc.) have all succumbed to progressive Christianity.

Conjoined with the Fundamentalist backlash of the early 20th century, Pentecostalism has now drifted to adopt much of progressive Christianity’s allure. The call for revival may still be heard and meetings held, but what is really needed is repentance.

Progressive Christianity must cease from its non-biblical masquerade. It must stop its charade, for it is the movement away from the Bible and the historic Christian faith. It must either repent or remove its shroud of deception. Progressive Christianity is now being used as a tool of Leftist political ideology, in the hope of building a utopian, socialist society.

In my personal opinion, I see neither, repentance or open denial, being followed (true repentance and revival are always possible if God wills and inspires it). Therefore, the only expectation should be the judgment of God. The synagogues of Satan must be exposed as evil (Eph 5:11). The elect, redeemed must be called out of these pathetic places of false worship.

My dear reader, may I encourage you to examine your house of worship and its accompanying “movement.” Is it a place of biblical truth and practice? Would you even know what that looks like? If you are not sure, please pray that the Spirit of God would lead you to a church assembly that truly believes the Bible, and which insists on it being taught — not by twisted proof tests — but with the whole counsel of Scripture in view.

There is a time coming and is now when congregations will not tolerate sound doctrine. With itchy ears, they will remove the Gospel preacher and replace him, by gathering empty talkers of their personal preference. These disobedient Jezebels, showmen, psychologists, and political pastoral pawns will be warmly received by those who are perishing.

Progressive Christian, please do not continue on the wide way that leads to destruction. You must either repent or simply deny Christ, publicly. What are you waiting for?

David Norczyk

Spokane Valley, Washington

December 27, 2022

Some random theologian out West somewhere, Christian writer, preacher

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David Norczyk

Some random theologian out West somewhere, Christian writer, preacher