Remembering Stephen Hawking

In Isaiah 40:6–8, we are privy to the truth that all flesh is like grass, and the glory of flesh is like a flower quickly fading away. The life of a man is like a vapor…here today, gone tomorrow.

The error of men is their ignorant attachment to the physical world. They are always learning, but never coming to the knowledge of the truth (2 Tim 3:7).

Men are born of corruptible seed (1 Pet 1:23). They are flesh, from flesh, from conception. All flesh dies because of corruption. A vivacious baby becomes a beautiful woman, who soon loses her teeth, as she tries to preserve her hair, in a rather bent over state of being.

The glory of flesh fades and ultimately fails. In their brief stay on earth, men labor and strive for their own interests and glory, but man, even the greatest men are nothing. Entropy, decay, and degeneration is the course for things in this world. Death and destruction are the rule.

The atrophy of Stephen Hawking was visible in both his body and his soul. Providence gave the famed physicist eyes to see the material world, but left him blind in reprobation, regarding spiritual matters (1 Cor 2:14). This was evident from the words of his own mouth, coming from his heart, in denying his Creator, who made the scientist of clay, a vessel of wrath prepared for destruction (Rom 9:22).

As the dying world loves its own, we are subject to the uninformed assessments of rest for the wicked. Peace! Peace! Rest in peace! But there is no peace for the enemies of God in everlasting torment (Mt 24:41, 46; Lk 16:23–24; Jude 7; Rev 20:14–15).

One may inquire who am I to judge Stephen Hawking. Believe me, I am no man’s judge. The judgment I write to you about, today, was made long ago. All men are condemned already (Jn 3:18). Thus, if you have a problem with the Judge, then you will have to go to the One who assures us that all men have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Rom 3:23). The one exception is the One born of incorruptible seed, the God-man who lives forever. There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus (Rom 8:1), and it is only by His doing that one is in Christ Jesus (1 Cor 1:30).

Stephen Hawking was condemned at conception, and some might rightly say before that, as he joined the human race in its fallen state of rebelling against God (Gen 3; Ps 51:5; Rom 5:12). Hawking’s only hope was the mercy of God (Rom 9:15–16), which is evidenced by those receiving the eternal life of the indwelling Holy Spirit of God at regeneration (Jn 3:1–8; 14:17; Rom 8:9, 11; 2 Tim 1:14; Gal 4:6; 1 Pet 1:3).

As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. A man redeemed of God in Christ receives the Spirit of Christ and the mind of Christ (Jn 1:12–13; 1 Cor 2:16). Men of worldly wisdom are rarely the recipients of mercy. In fact, the more they hear about their Creator from others, the harder their hearts and the stiffer their necks become before Him.

So we all bear witness to the futility of the life of Stephen Hawking, who saw a couple things God made, but who never saw Jesus Christ in this life, by his own admission. He did not see Him face to face on the day of his death nor for all eternity, either.

God has once again confounded the wise of this world (1 Cor 1:20–21; 3:19). Tragic is the man puffed up in pride, despite his pathetic condition. When will the brilliant minds ever understand? In vanity, they miss the simple truth that God has chosen the foolish things of this world to bring about salvation for the humble.

Stephen Hawking, arrogant clay, unwilling to acknowledge the Potter who made him. May we not repeat his failed experiment in unbelief.

David Norczyk

Spokane Valley, Washington

March 12, 2022


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David Norczyk

Some random theologian out West somewhere, Christian writer, preacher