The Ever-Present Need for Spiritual Interpretation

Events in the world need interpretation from a spiritual perspective. Not all spiritual perspectives are true, however. For one to have a true spiritual interpretation of events, one must have an open Bible. Even with an open Bible, one needs the Spirit of truth to teach and give insights for understanding the times in which one lives.

Recent events may have troubled you. The Bible teaches us that the world is a trouble-filled place. The Word of God informs its reader that sin is the cause of human suffering amidst fallen creation. This is why there is no new thing under the sun. The names and the dates are always changing but places and events are eerily the same.

Christians, who are filled with the Spirit, are certainly at an advantage in knowing what they have been accurately taught from the Bible. They are at a distinct disadvantage when false teachers led them astray on certain points of doctrine (ie. eschatology, soteriology, etc.). Believers in Jesus must be vigilant in their discipline to employ the means of grace, in order to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ (2 Pet 3:18).

The Christian remains in the flesh until the body of death expires on the appointed day, known only to God. His or her flesh wars against the Spirit who has baptized and indwelt the regenerate redeemed. On particular days, the flesh seems to prevail in succumbing to the temptations of sin. In the case of events, the sin of fear may take hold of the child of God.

If one acts on fear, then sin can lead to even more sins. Keeping fear at bay means that faith must prosper. For faith to increase it must be strengthened. Only God’s grace can bolster faith in the one to whom it has been given. It is the Holy Spirit who manifests faith in the born again and to the measure of God’s own choosing (Rom 12:3).

People who are full of faith have the mind of Christ. They are focused on Christ even as they interpret what is happening around them. They know that God is sovereign and does as He pleases. They know that God is right and that His judgment is always just. God may exalt a king or remove him. His righteousness may elevate a nation for a season, but empires fade away according to His sovereign will. Evil may suddenly appear and prevail as the sun of righteousness sets on a people who refuse to repent of their wicked ways.

The child of God knows the end of this world and its corrupt system of darkness. A judgment of fire is coming upon the heavens and the earth, for our God is a consuming fire, and He is coming again to judge the living and the dead. Therefore, the one who belongs to Christ does not live for the kingdom of this world, but he stores up treasure in heaven, where Christ is seated on the throne of glory. He is waiting for the appointed day of wrath to come. Until then, he aspires to live godly in Christ Jesus.

In light of this event to come, all men everywhere are to repent of their rebellion in sin. They are told to turn to Christ Jesus the Lord, today. Distracted by the personal, local, national, and global events of this day and every day, most do not obey the call nor the command. This is the most common error among people. The reality that it is appointed once for each person to die, and then face the judgment seat, hardly phases those preoccupied with fears in this life.

Here is the foremost spiritual interpretation. People are deceived by innumerable distractions. Politics, business, sports, religion, philosophy, family, finances, education, etc. all serve to keep the unwary on the wide path leading to destruction. Put another way, the father of lies keeps the slaves to sin in a very busy state of occupation.

Examine yourself, my dear reader, and judge your own life. Do not deceive yourself in this matter. You may be prone to dismiss the spiritual interpretation of your life and the uncertain events swirling around you. Your flesh will insist that you must be rational about the reality of death you see in every news feed. You reason that eternal punishment in the fiery hell of outer darkness is a fairy tale. Are you sure about that?

The Bible says the lake of fire is the ultimate, eternal reality for unbelieving sinners who warrant and receive just judgment. So, whose report will you believe? The world has any number of interpretations of life after death. The only interpretation the world will do anything to suppress is the biblical, that is, the spiritual interpretation.

If the Christian or the Christian preacher in your life avoids this subject of utmost importance, then receive my apology on their behalf. You must also consider God’s’ providence in making sure your read this article intended especially for you. You have read it, and you are responsible for knowing what you now know about these subjects(ie. sin, death, judgment, hell, lake of fire).

The events of the world in your lifetime will only exemplify the world as it has always been since the fall of man into sin. Should you expect more trouble to come in this year and in the rest of your lifetime? Yes, absolutely. You will have trouble of your own, and you will be a witness to more trouble than you know.

Our concern should be trouble in eternity. Without the one and only Savior, Jesus Christ, you will be subject to the righteous wrath of God, forevermore. Take heed to these words of warning from the spiritual interpretation, drawn from the biblical revelation, as understood by illumination of the Holy Spirit, as the ever-present witness to the truth of God, for your benefit…if He causes you to believe it.

David Norczyk

Spokane Valley, Washington

August 29, 2021


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David Norczyk

Some random theologian out West somewhere, Christian writer, preacher