The One and Only Way to God

David Norczyk
6 min readApr 21, 2024

God made man in His image (Gen 9:6); and this likeness includes relationships. God is in community: Father; Son; and Holy Spirit. The Trinity is the utopian community humanity longs for from the heart. Our best attempts at building “Perfectville” here fall far short of the glory to be revealed to the children of God (Rom 8:18).

Jesus’ farewell discourse in the upper room is recorded in John 14–17. In looking at verses 1–6 of John 14, we have a Word of encouragement from our Lord, as He ministered to His disciples. This is the night in which Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus. Judas had departed the upper room following Jesus washing His disciples’ feet and the last supper. Judas was fulfilling prophetic Scripture by eating the bread provided by Jesus; and then selling out his Master’s location, to those who arrested Messiah and then had Him crucified.

Jesus informed His disciples that His departure from them was sooner than any of them imagined. The disciples were grieved by their Master’s words. Man looks at the outward appearance but God searches the heart. Jesus knew their hearts. He had chosen each one to be the people they were and would become. Judas was included in God’s predestining work (Rom 9:22).

Each one of us, elect and reprobate, has his or her role to play in God’s grand design. The Bible never calls us robots; but the false teachers insist this is what we are saying. Their disdain for the sovereignty of God is rooted in their devil-inspired ambition to be gods themselves (Gen 3:5). Sinners sin (Rom 3:23; 5:12). That does not mean we are automatons. It means we are responsible parties who must give an account of what we have done in these bodies of sin and death (2 Cor 5:10; Heb 9:27).

People live in fear because they know God’s assessment of us is true. It is also damning. People dilute the doctrine of sin to rationalize their bad behavior. It is imperative for us to understand the doctrine of total depravity. The natural man prefers to deceive himself with the help of the father of lies (Jn 8:44; 1 Cor 2:14). This is why God calls all men everywhere to repent (Acts 17:30) and believe the Gospel (Acts 16:31).

To believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ is to believe in the Person of Christ. Jesus taught His disciples to believe in God. He proceeded to instruct them to believe in Him (Jn 14:1). He had already taught them about His union with God His Father (Jn 10:30). He would soon teach them about His union with the Holy Spirt, the third person of the Trinity whom He was to send to them at Pentecost (Jn 14:2; Acts 2). This would be for their great benefit.

Jesus intimated that he was going home to His Father’s house (14:2). God’s house is ample in size to accommodate His whole family. The children of God have a place in the house of God, a building not made with human hands…in the heavens. The writer of Hebrews calls this place a “better country.” It also carries the name “heavenly Zion” and “the New Jerusalem.”

The picture of heaven, as depicted in the Bible is glorious (Rev 21–22). It is a prosperous place. It is a safe place. It is our eternal home, built by God, and set to have its place upon the new earth. Righteousness is said to dwell there in permanent light, provided by the One who is Himself Light (Jn 8:12; 9:5).

Jesus made a promise to His disciples that night. He was leaving them in order to go and prepare a place for them. People make promises and so do demons. Only God can make a promise and give the assurance that He will deliver on that promise…with precision. Jesus told them the truth about their future. His Word was designed to give them hope. It gives us hope, too.

The promise of “together forever” is to be believed. God the Father is in perfect union with God the Son. We, who are in union with God the Son, are also in union with the Father because we have been reconciled to God by the perfect work of the Son on our behalf.

Jesus assured His disciples that they knew the way to God’s house in the heavens. They did not know that they knew the way, however. Thomas spoke for the rest of them when he confessed his ignorance in the matter of knowing where Jesus was going and the way to get there.

Jesus declared to His disciples that He Himself was the way to God’s house (Jn 14:6). Moreover, He was the one and only way to the Father Himself. The great chasm of separation has its remedy. His name is above every other name that is named (Eph 1:13; Phil 2:9). There is no other name under heaven that has been given among men whereby we must be saved. Simply put, there is salvation in no one else (Acts 4:12).

In declaring that he Himself was the single path to the glories of God and heaven, Jesus also insisted that He Himself was the truth (14:6b). Jesus always told it like it was in truth. If there are many dwelling places in heaven, then there are many dwelling places there. If He is going to prepare a place for them, then they knew His ministry was continuing. Soon they would see His gruesome death on the cross; but then they would see Him after His resurrection. In this, they would be emboldened with the truth that is in Jesus (Eph 4:21). Even more so when they received His Spirit (Acts 2:38).

The Holy Spirit is the Lord, the Giver of life. Upon Jesus’ death, burial, resurrection, ascension, and enthronement He and the Father would send the Holy Spirit to the disciples…and to all whom God predestined to election before the foundation of the world (Eph 1:5). The Spirit of truth is God’s gift to His chosen people. The Spirit of Christ indwells those He has caused to be born again of God (Jn 3:1–8; 14:17). The Spirit is the permanent presence of the living God in the soul of man (Rom 8:9, 11; Gal 2:20). He is the token of our salvation (2 Cor 5:5), the pledge of our inheritance reserved for us in heaven (1 Pet 1:4).

The Spirit of the living God has given us life — new, abundant, and eternal. He made us alive when we were spiritually dead in our trespasses and sins (Eph 2:1, 5). The Christian is no longer dead to God; but He has told us the truth about the way to God. Faith, hope, love, and life are sourced in God, who now grants these to His beloved by His very presence.

By way of application, these Words Jesus uttered to His chosen disciples are true for all of His people throughout history and from around the world. We hear this Word of truth; and we believe it only because His Spirit has been sent to us. Therefore, we must fear God, not man. We must speak the truth about faith and hope, in love for others.

The Lord Jesus Christ is coming again in His glorious appearing to take His beloved bride home. We must prepare for His coming and our departure (Mt 25). The marriage supper of the Lamb is on the calendar of heaven; and we who belong to Christ must set our minds on things above (Col 3:2), where our Bridegroom is seated on the throne of God (Rev 7:17), at the right hand of Majesty (Heb 1:3; 8:1). Look to Christ my dear reader. Learn more of Him who came to save His people from their sins. Know that He made us; He redeemed us; and that He is soon coming to take us to that better place. Are you ready?

David Norczyk

Spokane Valley, Washington

April 21, 2024

John 14:1–6



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