Why America Will Never Decide for Christ

America has long been a bastion of false religious teaching. The production of cults in the 19th century is a staggering piece of Christian history. The world is filled with false teaching, today, as a result of charlatan charismatic leaders past and present.

America is a quagmire of religious confusion, and the most insidious teaching is not the quirky cult doctrines, but the teaching that pairs Christianity and nationalistic patriotism. The rogue teaching of manifest destiny is still with us, today. This is the false gospel of God blessing America in some unique manner. It must be argued that America warrants God’s judgment, not blessing.

Playing on the emotions of American patriots, false preachers of a false gospel tour the country to provoke religious activism. Promising a curse for the nation if the people, especially God’s people, do not turn from their wicked ways; while the promise of blessing is there, of course, for all who decide for Christ.

Americans like fast food, easy shopping, and choices galore. If a charlatan preacher of religion rolls into town, you can be assured he or she will promote the religious equivalent. Easy believism is the idea that anyone can be saved, if they just ask Jesus into their hearts, or pray the sinner’s prayer.

Scheduled revival meetings are held for the purpose of manipulating people with free will decisionalism. This is as easy as choosing Christ to be one’s Savior, regardless of His choice. All it takes is a one time decision on the part of the person, and Jesus is obligated to save them.

Manipulative Christianity is not Christianity, but when the future of America is a stake…well, it is time for an altar call for the whole nation in what is dubbed, “Decision America.” Big crowds gather at big stadiums for a big concert and a big message from God’s big man. Be bold for Jesus, America!

My friends, America is not God’s elect people. America is not the church of Jesus Christ. America is not God’s holy nation. America does not play a part in God’s redemptive history. America is a nation like every other nation. It is filled with sinners of every kind. Its idolatrous practices are legion. The wicked prosper in America, and under the guise of freedom, sin flourishes in a myriad of ways. The line of the righteous and the unrighteous are found within its borders. Being an American does not make one a Christian, for the notion of a Christian nation belongs exclusively to the church worldwide and across time.

America is an idea, but it is not a biblical idea. Rome would rejoice to see America but the church has other business to occupy it. In the era of Rome, Christians were distinct from the culture, religion, and politics of that empire.

Today, Christians in America need to separate themselves from patriot Christianity, which is not Christianity. Christians must avoid the idea of global Christianity, too. True Christians, adhering to true biblical Christianity are other-worldly. This nation and this world are not the Christian’s home, for our citizenship is in heaven, from where Christ Jesus reigns as Lord of all. As ambassadors for Christ, in the embassy of the church, located in hostile territory, we must represent our King in a manner worthy of our calling to be sons of God.

There is no decision for America to make regarding God in Christ, for God has already made His decision. A truly called minister will steward the mysteries of the Gospel by proclaiming Christ, the King of His holy nation, and His elect people will heed the call to repent, by grace, and enter the kingdom of God…which is not America.

David Norczyk

Spokane Valley, Washington

October 25, 2021


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David Norczyk

Some random theologian out West somewhere, Christian writer, preacher