Why Do So Many People Fall Prey to the Myth of Free Will

David Norczyk
5 min readMar 11, 2022

Human free will is one of the pillars of man-centered theology. Man-centered theology is a system of belief that empowers man to usurp the will and power of God. The wisdom behind this system is demonic.

Man-centered theology was introduced to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (Gen 3:5). It has been the philosophy behind every man-exalting idea, over and against God, since the beginning.

The appeal Satan used, uses, and will continue to use is for man to think more highly of himself than he ought to. The sinful human flesh (way of life) loves power and control that God declares is His power, will, and control.

In order for man to wrest these away from God, which, of course, he never really does, he must first be deceived (2 Cor 4:4). Satan is the master deceiver, being the father of lies (Jn 8:44). The deceiver deceiving the deceived is not difficult. Sinful man loves to be deceived (Jn 3:19).

One might object to that proposition; but if this were not true, we would not be so subject to: corrupt politicians, pedophile priests, fast food diets, weight loss programs, casinos, Hollywood, global corporations, or dare I say it, “March Madness.” In a word, we are living in a world of lies, promoted by liars — little Lucifers, who promise what they cannot deliver. That is why the car dealer with the big cowboy hat on T.V. has taken on the moniker, “Honest Bill.” It is even more evident when a man reveals more of what is on his mind and in his heart, say, like Creflo Dollar. Is Dollar more honest than Bill, for being more obvious?

So men have been lured into the devil’s rebellion, and Satan has made promises, and his promises are to make a way for his followers, where there was no other way. Man aligns himself in this rebellion against God by sinning. The allure of sin is great: promises of power; money; food, beauty, fame; sex, and happiness. Man puts up no resistance because he is deceived, and sin has its pleasurable beginnings.

Satan authors man-centered theology and promotes it with a gospel not from God (2 Cor 11:3–4). Of course, the best lies are the ones that are just off from the truth, even using the same jargon as the truth. The will and power of God are offered by the father of lies, who obviously cannot give those things, but man cannot discern because Satan has blinded the minds of those who do not believe, let alone, love the truth.

Here is the false gospel of Satan, which steals the will and power of God, and offers it, to those who believe God is actually giving it to them, for their decision, using their free will:

1. God created everything; man fell into sin, and man needs a savior. This is actually the truth, but as noted, the lie must have elements of truth to be a good lie.

2. Before time, God looked down the tunnel of time and foresaw and thus, was fortunate to foreknow who would choose Him as savior during their lifetimes. This is the first lie.

3. God loves everyone, everywhere, and at all times. This second lie is the foundation on which Satan builds. His task is to take an attribute of God that is good and twist into a lie. Later, this idea is used to enslave God, “Well, a good and loving God wouldn’t __________, would He?”

4. God does not want any to perish, but for all men to come to the knowledge of the truth. This third lie takes an actual Bible verse and twists it to mean something else. What God intended for His elect people is ascribed to all people everywhere.

5. In order to actually save the people in the lie of universal love (#3) and universal election (#4), as foreknown to God (#2), Jesus Christ has to come into the world and die for everyone, everywhere, and at all times (even those people already in eternal hell, which the devil will dilute away later with a lie or two). This lie is called, “universal redemption.” It is the fourth lie.

6. With God foreknowing everyone, loving everyone, desiring everyone to be saved by Jesus, and sending Jesus to pay for everyone’s sins, it would appear that this is the end point of salvation. The job is done. But wait, there are more lies.

Somehow salvation needs a real transfer. The man stranded on the desert island is not saved until he is transferred to a place where he is safe, secure, and provisions are ample. Here comes what is known as the well-meaning offer of the gospel. In this fifth lie, Satan sends his preachers to offer salvation to as many people as they can. The bigger the venue the better.

7. The implication of an offer (which is a lie because God does not offer salvation, He executes it Himself), is that there must be a choice made by the person, to accept or reject this offer from Satan. This is the sixth lie. Notice the transfer of power here, from God to man. Satan empowers man (illusion) to judge the validity of God’s offer and Christ’s redemption. God might rightly ask here, “Man, who made you judge and ruler over Me?” Answer: Satan.

8. In order for man to make the decision (lie) regarding God’s offer (lie), he must have free will. This is the seventh lie. Now we can finally answer our original question (title of this article).

Satan assures man of his free will. This lie appeals to man, who might even find some passages about freedom in the Bible. In reality, the sinless Adam and Eve had free will, but that was turned over to Satan, when he stole the dominion God had given to man over the earth. Satan enslaved man and told man he was free. Free will is a myth promoted by deceived men, under the influence of the father of deceivers.

In conclusion, so many people believe the myth of free will, so they can believe the lie of a free will decision, regarding the lie of an offer, of a false gospel of salvation, from a god of Satan’s crafting, using jargon from the Bible, in order to steal the will and power of God, which Satan, being so deceived himself, thinks he can do, too. Or maybe he knows better, and he just flat out hates man. Either way, if you believe in the myth of man’s free will, you have embraced the lie of Satan and a few other lies, too.

David Norczyk

Spokane Valley, Washington

March 11, 2022



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