Why No One has ever Made Jesus Lord of His or Her Life

David Norczyk
3 min readApr 9, 2022


Jesus Christ is Lord, and that, to the glory of God the Father (Phil 2:11). In contrast, sinful man wants to be Lord to the glory of himself.

Man-centered theology always puts man in the driver’s seat. Man is the one in control. Man has the choice. Man makes the decisions. Man has free will to do as he pleases. Man is the subject of the theological statements. Man is going to let God into his life, or man is going to make Jesus do this or that.

The irony of Christians saying, “I have made Jesus Lord of my life,” is that the very statement denies what the statement says. The statement itself proves the claimant has done no such thing. “I made the King of kings and Lord of lords do my will,” is another way of making this statement.

Is it just nitpicking terms? Or am I just harping on semantics? I would argue that I am exposing insidious sin nature and the quest of the flesh and the devil to steal glory from God. Do you control the One who sits on His glorious throne, having been given all authority in heaven and on earth by God His Father? Will you position yourself as judge of the Judge of the whole earth, the living and the dead?

It is the devil’s work to delude men into debasing our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ should be exalted because He is exalted. He should be presented in the way that best represents His person and position. Jesus Christ is Lord of all (Acts 10:36). He is the sovereign God-man who sits on the throne of God and does as He pleases (Ps 115:3; 135:6). Jesus does all of God’s holy will (Eph 1:11).

No man or woman has ever “made” Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God, do anything. It is true that every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that He is Lord (Is 45:23; Rom 14:11), but no man has ever or will ever make Him to be what He already is. God the Father made Jesus Christ to be Lord of all (Acts 2:36)

Man-centered theology is insurrection (Gen 3:5). It is a twisted attempt to usurp the power and position of God. You can hear it by what men say because what they say is an expression of their heart. The heart of man is wicked. It is deceitful above all else (Jer 17:9).

A while ago, upon returning from church, three Mormon boys on mission approached me in the parking lot. I asked them questions, lots of question, and I listened to their answers.

Man-centered theology is the mark of every Christian cult and heresy. They insisted that choosing Christ and living obedient to God’s Law would secure my better place in the three options for ongoing life, after life in the future spiritual world (next life), where my choices remain (Bonus round: I can choose Jesus after I die!). In other words, I could choose my destiny (which sounds like I am God!). Apart from the bizarre extra world and extra destinations for eternity, I found nothing different from Evangelical Arminianism, which is not far removed from Roman Catholicism. Man chooses his own destiny…like a god!

There is a common thread in all false teaching. It is man positioning himself above Jesus. Who is the leader of your church? The Roman Catholic claims it is the current Pope. The Mormon has “the prophet.” The Muslim has, “the prophet.” The mega church member has his mega personality pastor. The right answer, missed by just about everyone I have ever asked: “the Lord Jesus Christ.” He alone is the head of His church (Col 1:18). He is the One and only Leader of His church (Mt 23:10).

Christian, do not dishonor our Lord Jesus Christ with what you say. Listen to what you are saying. Be careful with every idle word. You speak of your King and He hears everything and knows everything because He is the sovereign Lord…and you were not the one who made Him Lord of your life or Lord of anything else.

David Norczyk

Spokane Valley, Washington

April 9, 2022



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