Why Your Free Will Decision Cannot Save You

The apostle Paul wrote, “…by the works of the Law, no flesh will be justified in His sight…(Rom 3:20).” Justification before God is that which every person needs. In Adam all have sinned and come short of the glory of God (Rom 3:23), and in Adam all die (1 Cor 15:22). It is appointed once for a man to die and then comes the judgment of God (Heb 9:27).

Justification brings a declaration from God. It says, “This person, like all the rest, is guilty. However, by the blood of her substitute, the Lord Jesus Christ, she has received His righteousness (right standing) by God’s grace. She still sins, but she retains her right standing because of the perfect and permanent atonement achieved by her Savior, on her behalf and in her stead. She is “not guilty” before God’s judgment seat — yesterday, today, and forever.”

Jacobus Arminius, in his wily deceit, turned the unconditional covenant of grace into a conditional covenant of one singular work. In truth, the covenant of grace is entirely the work of our Triune God. Arminius taught that the covenant of grace was entirely a work of God, but each person must choose to accept it for herself, using her free will. This additional work of free will decision-making invites our most strenuous criticism.

It is an insidious introduction to add a work of man to the grace of God. The simplicity of one work, and it being such a seemingly simple task, is one reason for critique. A second reason is the voluminous number of deceived people occupying churches everywhere. Many under the delusion of salvation, secured by their one-time decision to let Jesus save them, die with the confidence that they have made the right choice. They have believed that their faith has saved them.

We posit that it is far better to be cast into hell-fire as a conscious unbeliever. In fact, all religionists in service to whatever alternative deity, gladly reject Jesus Christ, being devoid of grace. Far worse to pretend that one is a Christian, who has received the Holy Spirit. A goat who dons the ways of a sheep is an impostor. Wolves, posing as sheep, are so crass and foul that on the day of being exposed, not many witnesses are surprised. Goats, however, resemble sheep.

The goat surveys the sheepfold and makes his free will decision to join the flock of God, much like a weed decides to invade the wheat field. These impostors take on a mantle of being devout Christians. They sleep through sermons, but they love the summer church carnival, the car washes, the group outings to the bowling alley, trunk or treat at the annual “harvest party,” along with the feel-good holiday feasts and stage productions at advent season.

Unbelievers, who pose as Christians, are attracted to the largest, most worldly congregations — themselves highly suspect. The allure of mega churches, to secure unbelieving attendees is infamous. The theology of attractive, hip, technologically advanced, gatherings of entertained masses, is invariably easy believism.

The one, simple, free will decision is a mere matter of obedient faith… “Just believe!” The presentation of the not-so-sovereign God includes the deception of His being the author of the one condition placed on the covenant agreement. When a preacher tells the congregation that God is waiting for them to decide for Jesus, he is blaspheming God and fooling the people. He positions sinners, dead in sin, as the architects of their own personal salvation. He makes every man the author of faith. He places the onerous of salvific wisdom and power upon the creature, who is dead, spiritually (1 Cor 2:14; Eph 2:1). This is an abomination…nothing less.

Friend, the Bible is clear, despite the confusion introduced by the legions of pandering pulpiteers. The truth is, “He saved us (Titus 3:5).” That is, God the Father electing His chosen people to salvation and gifting them to His eternal Son (Jn 6:37; 17:2, 6, 24; Rom 11:5; Eph 1:4–5). In addition, it is God the Son, redeeming these chosen ones by dying on the cross and shedding His blood for the forgiveness of their sins (Mt 26:28; Jn 10:11, 15; Rom 5:8; Eph 5:25; 1 Pet 2:24). He saved us, also means, the Holy Spirit, being sent at God’s appointed time (Jn 14:26; 15:26), to baptize and indwell these same elect saints (Mt 3:11; Jn 14:17; Acts 2:38; 10:45; Rom 8:9, 11; Gal 4:6; 2 Tim 1:14). All of salvation belongs to the Trinity (Ps 3:8; Jon 2:9; Rev 19:1). It is exclusively the free will decision of God in His eternal counsel, and it is by His gracious choice that anyone is saved (Rom 11:5). This is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

David Norczyk

Post Falls, Idaho

April 24, 2022


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David Norczyk

Some random theologian out West somewhere, Christian writer, preacher