Woe to You Positivists!

In a world of seemingly endless troubles, a word of encouragement is like water in the desert. This is not foolishness like, “God believes in you.” Nor is it a flippant, “It will all work out.” Worse than both of these is the serial positivist.

Positivism is a psychological posturing that prevents negativity or criticism to enter relationships. The positivist lives in the realm where everything is framed…well…positively.

Before we progress with our consideration, please note my disclaimer. I am not an advocate of perennial pessimism, for that posture is equally unacceptable. People need other people to be real, but without Christ, this is not even possible. Thus, Christians must never be fakes, either positively nor negatively. Both extremes stink of unbelief.

A true believer recognizes how Christ Himself was truly human. His encounters with others reveals to us what authentic, godly, humanity looks like in real relationships.

When people approached Jesus in real need, they appeared with great humility. They tended, from the biblical record, to leave Jesus with great joy. In contrast, when people approached Jesus to test Him or challenge Him, with pride in their hearts, our Master dealt with them with critical severity.

Positivism denies the truth of spiritual warfare in peoples’ hearts and in their relationships. Jesus, knowing what was in each person’s heart, dealt with individuals and groups accordingly. He did not put on a front with others, and so even his opponents recognized He was a teacher sent from God and one who actually gave sight to the blind.

“Leave her alone…woe to you Pharisees…get behind Me, Satan…you brood of vipers…you are of your father, the devil, etc.,” are all expressions that prove Jesus was highly critical of those displaying a mean wickedness. Positivists prohibit Christians from being critical. It does not fit their lopsided view of Jesus being a positivist, which is born of a Pelagian theology, a theology that falsely promises that God loves everybody, demonstrated by Christ dying for everybody, and the Holy Spirit preaching the Gospel to everybody, so that everybody has the potential to be saved. Of course, none of this is true, but it is the bedrock foundation of positivism.

The human potential movement, infiltrating the Christian church is the true source of positivism. This is why there is always a sense of psychobabblry in the speech and demeanor of the positivist. The gospel of positivism is not the true Gospel, despite its power to convert others to its mind set and jargon.

Because positivism is a false gospel, we must do the unthinkable…be critical of it. You will know them by their positivism, which is always, and peculiarly tinged with pride.

Love suffers in spirit, in word, and in deed with those who are suffering , but positivism challenges those who are poor in spirit with, “Buck up little camper, God helps those who help themselves!” Woe to you, positivists! For yours is a pollyanna hell, a fabricated façade and foolishness.

In conclusion, we must discern positivism and its happy-go-lucky adherents. Do not be fooled by their false posture, false presentation, and false gospel. These are the people, methods, and message of the charlatans of this self-help world. Christians must deny these sellers of sunshine and speak the true Gospel in compassionate love, a Gospel that points to a failed world and a glorious Savior, Jesus Christ, who clearly was not a positivist.

David Norczyk

Hillsboro, Oregon

August 1, 2021


Some random theologian out West somewhere, Christian writer, preacher

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David Norczyk

Some random theologian out West somewhere, Christian writer, preacher